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E l e W E B    

EleWEB is the HTML interface to EleBBS, fully script driven, fast and flexible.

EleWEB integrates seamlessly with your current EleBBS, uses the same userbase, messagebases and filebases. By using the powerful EleXer scripting language, it gives you an immense flexibility in the setup.

If you are not very comfortable scripting your own site, there is no need to worry - EleWEB can be fully configured by using templates, offering you multiple levels of flexibility

  • Available for the OS/2, Win9x/NT, FreeBSD and Linux OS in native versions
  • Pascal-like scripting language
  • Integrates seamlessly with your EleBBS
  • Uses HTML based templates
  • All scripts come with full source

For a demo system, you could look at www.elevillage.com, or even this site - it is powered by EleWEB.

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l i n k s  

EleBBS - Traditional BBS system

EleVillage - Demo board for EleWEB

CVS - Web browsable CVS repository

Design inspired by Bryan Turner
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