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E l e X e r    

EleXer is EleSoft's largest and most ambitious project to date. It's goals are to create a scripting language that's fast, and powerful enough to power add ons for EleBBS, power the whole of EleWEB, run dynamic websites and even usable as an standalone scripting language for several tasks

By using a syntax close to Pascal, it features a very clean and easy to use syntax, while having a small learning curve for many BBS enthusiast's .

After several years of development, EleXer was first introduced in EleBBS 0.09, and not long after that a completely revised EleWEB followed - also powered by EleXer. In the meanwhile, several advanced features are being added to EleXer among database integration, and special built modules for running internally to certain webservers

This site is fully built using EleXer, and dynamically fed by an MySQL database, the parse times of this pages are displayed at the end of this page

l i n k s  

EleWEB - EleWEB is EleXer driven

EleVillage - EleVillage demo site

Example script - an EleXer example script showing many different possibilities

CVS - Web browsable CVS repository

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